Uncertain Origins

by Ratburn

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Jack Stansbury
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Jack Stansbury I can't decide on a favorite track. this is a really good album.


praise for uncertain origins:

"Indie rock that glides by in a really calm and lethargic kind of way with folky elements round off this effort perfectly!" -Radio Static


released January 17, 2015



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Ratburn West Chester, Pennsylvania

Brothers from West Chester, PA playing whatever we want to.

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Track Name: show calendar anyway
dont know what you mean when you say do it yourself
it looks to me like its been done by someone else
drink to yourself because you think youve saved the day
this whole time you have just been standing in my way

i circle round you but im never going in
you take the words and find new ways to make them spin
you work so hard but none of this will ever last
your ruins soon will lie forgotten in the past
Track Name: converging streams
stand in converging streams
we share a common dream
i have been seeking specters
we pick up ghost detectors

you have always had it
you will always have it
I will give you everything

we walk on ocean borders
forget our old disorders
we build the tallest towers
we watch meteor showers
Track Name: here
bought you a beer
so good to have you here
watch you cheer
so good to have you here
Track Name: howie's homerun
victory is sweet with ice cream
for the pinstripe boys of the home team
for the small boy with the big dream
rounding bases as the crowd screams
the game is done
we have won
ten to none
its howies homerun
Track Name: peeler
peeling out of old shells
growing larger then
hardening a new shell
replacing lost limbs
following the cycles
following the tides
all things are connected
sweetest is inside

blue can be the prettiest color
sharper claws than any other
Track Name: oyster rock winter
oyster rock winter its been a long one
you spent three weeks sleeping in your boat
scrape the bottom just for the kids
squeeze out enough just to slip by

you know more than anyone i know
Track Name: abomination
im building up a compilation
master of regeneration
youre asking for an explanation
i dont need justification

not worthy of your admiration
refusing participation
upon closer examination
i am the abomination