the dangers of running in small circles

by Ratburn




released June 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Ratburn West Chester, Pennsylvania

Brothers from West Chester, PA playing whatever we want to.

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Track Name: thanks for nothing
i am not one of the elite
i am the dirt beneath your feet
you wont give me the time of day
you turn your back and walk away
you knowingly left me behind
dont think that i just slipped your mind
you dont say when you dont say where
its obvious that you dont care

you fooled me once you fooled me twice
i should have known your not that nice
wasnt worth it for me to try
each word you say is just a lie
and im not looking for a fight
just wish that you would treat me right
im dying right beside the road
you drove right by not even slowed
Track Name: wither
in the sun suffer and toil
roots extended in the soil
firmly planted deep in the ground
no chance of me moving around

getting planted year after year
centuries pass but we're still here
perhaps my time has been exceded
this soil has been depleted

i'm withering
just pluck me out
dont pluck me out

“Human nature will not flourish, any more than a potato, if it be planted and replanted, for too long a series of generations, in the same worn-out soil. My children have had other birthplaces, and, so far as their fortunes may be within my control, shall strike their roots into unaccustomed earth.” -Nathaniel Hawthorne, from The Custom House
Track Name: eat
the ghosts come out when you leave home
they eat you, flesh and bone
bodies transparent blue
they put you in their stew

they're not real but youre their meal
Track Name: changing
we are not the way that we used to be
i guess its obvious you dont even talk to me
i saw you a couple days ago
you looked at me like a stranger you didnt know

you are not the way i remember you
perhaps you've changed but maybe i have too
you used to call me on the telephone everyday
i'd like to think maybe you ran out of things to say

looking back you were never really around
you were swimming to shore as i slowly drowned
called me today saying you wished things were different
but i cant help but wonder if thats what you really meant

youre not the person you were before
i dont think i know you anymore
Track Name: enough
go ahead and look your best
you cant fix
hearts pounding on your chest
might as well admit it
say youre right
youre always wrong
dont want to start a fight
so you'll just tag along
give up you dont have enough
sometimes i wish i could help
you'd rather just ignore me
donteven have a clue wish we'd fin the key

everything is faded cause of the mess you made
Track Name: sick/tired
i'm sick of everything
but too tired to do a thing

never getting better
Track Name: ghosts
ive been seeing ghosts all day
theyre in my room wont go away
they whisper things in my ear
tell me things i dont want to hear

see the the faces in the light
while im falling asleep at night
are these things the way they seem
or is this all a crazy dream
Track Name: stuck
kicked out of school for starting fights
give away your dog when he bites
i dont believe a word you say
im beautiful, you look away

i wish that i could just hate you
but thats not something i can do
i always try to run away
you call me me i come back to stay

dont tell me i dont want to know
im leaving yes i have to go
Track Name: forget it
would you just forget it
i want all the credit
you divide the sky
patiently wonder why
Track Name: little less
are you feeling a little less sore from youre fall
all i could do was stare at the wall
nothing i could say would help, at all
where are all those kids i know?
probably at that awesome show
why did i choose this i wanted to go
Track Name: yeah me too
when i saw you
for the first time
in a long time
i didnt
recognize you
you were different
you were changing
maybe i was too